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Office e-Pack by Onex

Office e-Pack is an up-to-date e-learning platform and trainings of Microsoft software, dedicated mainly for company workers. We primarily offer Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Windows trainings. We share courses in the form of interactive videos and exercises enriched with practise tests with a possibility to install them on client’s platform. Office e-Pack training is a simple proffesional training solution approachable for everyone. E-learning guarantees fast and effective educational outcomes that save time and costs associated with the employees development.

Every Training Package inludes:

  • Multimedia lectures - teaches each app usage step by step. You can stop, rewind or forward the lecture freely during its time.
  • Interactive exercises - let to consolidate the knowledge achieved through the lectures practically. During the practice lecture stops for user to follow lecturer commands in app window.
  • Tests - you can check the knowledge you gained. Every user’s results are available also for the employer. (Company administrator)
  • Extra resources - papers describing all of the application functions. The user can return to them after the training to extend the knowledge or find any problem solution.
Payment methods:
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  • Cash on delivery
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